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Jonathan Dean is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therpist in the State of Connecticut. He offers therapy services, consultation services, and educational seminars.

  • Jonathan works with the individual and thier family to help support and effectivly bring about change. Therapy with children who are diagnosed with Autism (ASD) can be a slow process. Therapy appointments are typically set up on a biweekly basis unless there is a crisis at hand. Children are not seen individually unless circumstances warrant

  • Couples Therapy is offered for adults diagnosed with ASD. 

  • Please note: Jonathan Dean will not be taking in clients under the age of 17 who are allowed to play M rated games at home. Video and/or electronics exposure need to be limited at home and is a condition of therapeutic services. 


Jonathan provides supervision for therapists who wish to work with the ASD population. Group or individual supervision is arranged with the therapist(s). Methods utilized are case report, live supervision, co-therapy, and video taped supervision.

Examples of areas of topics presented:

Jonathan will work with you, your family, extended family, community, school etc. to help plan and provide a collaborative effort to support your child. Jonatha has presented at a variety of school settings, conferences, community organizations etc. to help educate the general public.

  • Incorperating sexual safety in the IEP

  • Coaching in the Public Schools- working with children with ASD

  • Transition into College- non academic ares to evaluate ASD over the Lifespan- intervention and mindfullness  

  • Working with ASD and thier family

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